Reaction to Wade and Bosh’s interview on ESPN

Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh just announced in an interview with Michael Wilbon that they’ll be signing with the Miami Heat.

Here are a few random thoughts about the interview:

– Wilbon did a pretty good job of asking pointed questions (Wade-Chicago, Spoelstra-Riley, Bosh-Toronto, Bosh-Cleveland) but when Bosh sidestepped the Cleveland S&T question, he let it go.

– Wade spoke as if he didn’t have any inside info about where LeBron will play next season. He said he’ll be in front of the TV like the rest of us.

– Wade said that he’d take less money if it meant that the Heat could bring in better players. How much less is the real question.

– Wade said that he chose the Heat because Bosh wanted to play in Miami. That’s interesting, because Bosh seemed open to joining the Bulls as well. Basically, Wade put the onus of his decision NOT to play in Chicago on Bosh’s desire to play in Miami.

– Wade on Chicago: “Chicago, they had my heart. I tear up a little bit right now just thinking about the opportunity I had.” Of course, Wade has said before that his heart was in Miami, so it must own a couple of homes.

– Wade said that Erik Spoelstra is his coach, and is Bosh’s coach, but he accidentally called Pat Riley “Coach Riley.” Freudian slip, I say.

– When Wilbon asked Bosh to give LeBron one last pitch, he declined, saying that LeBron already had enough people in his ear.

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