Broussard: Miami is the front-runner for LeBron

Chris Broussard was just on SportsCenter and shared his thoughts on a few different items:

– He thinks the Heat are the front-runner for LeBron, but the Cavs, Knicks and the Bulls are still in it. He’s not hearing much about New Jersey. He said that if LeBron was going to go to the Bulls, Bosh would have gone with him, so Chicago’s chances seem slim.

– He’s hearing that LeBron will sign a five- or six-year deal, which makes sense because he wants to lock in his monster salary before the next collective bargaining agreement. I’d say this reduces the Cavs’ chances because it seems unlikely that LeBron would want to commit that long to that roster.

– He said the Knicks have jumped back into the conversation because Carmelo Anthony is “telling people” that he wants to join the Knicks next season. LeBron might go to NY with the idea that Melo would join him in a year.

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