Police change their tune, not ready to rule Vick out as a person of interest in shooting

Michael Vick isn’t out of the woods yet. He was a person of “no interest” to police in the shooting of Quanis Phillips, but video surveillance taken the night of the incident has put his involvement in question.

Vick told police that he was “long gone” by the time the shooting took place outside a club in which he was celebrating his 30th birthday late last week. But video shows him leaving the club just three minutes before the shooting took place, which casts some doubt in what the quarterback said in interviews with authorities.

Now police don’t know what to call Vick, according to the Philadelphia Daily News. They’re not ready to deem him a suspect or even an accomplice to the shooting, but as they’re gathering more facts, they’re changing their tune in terms of whether or not he’s a person of interest.

“Right now, we don’t really have a title for him,” police spokesman Adam Bernstein told the Daily News yesterday.

“We didn’t know anything” when they were asked Friday morning about their interest in Vick’s involvement in the shooting, Bernstein said.

“Since then, we have viewed this video. And more people have come forward, giving information,” Bernstein said.

The Daily News is also reporting that Vick’s federal probation officer in Norfolk is also investigating the incident as well to see if the quarterback was in violation of his probation. So even if Vick isn’t charged by the police for having a connection in the shooting, it doesn’t mean that he will escape all punishment.

And wouldn’t that be something. It’s been roughly a year since he was released from prison and he’s already in hot water again with the law.

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