Pete Carroll, do yourself a favor and close the open hole on your face

Pete Carroll is like that friend who eats the leftovers that you had been saving in your fridge, then denies it, then says, “Are you kidding me? Why would anyone steal your leftovers? That just isn’t right. Whoever did that is a bad, bad person. I’m disgusted that somebody would do that to you – just disgusted.”

It was you, Pete. We can’t prove it was you, but it was you. And since we can’t prove that it was you, you might as well just move on and shut your mouth.

Last week, Carroll released a non-convincing video saying he was “absolutely shocked” and “disappointed” about the sanctions that were levied against USC’s football program. This week, he’s actually going as far as to suggest that the NCAA can start a witch hunt against a player without reasonable cause.


“There’s nothing there,” he said Tuesday of the investigation into his program’s knowledge of former Trojans running back Reggie Bush’s improper benefits and relationship with an agent.

“Now the word’s out. You can do this,” he said. “One person can do this, go after a university and a kid. And nothing has to be true. Nothing has to be true. They just have to make claims, and then the investigations and all that are under way.

“I just hate the thought that that can take place and we can do nothing about it.”

I may actually throw up – is he serious? The NCAA doesn’t investigate unless there’s something to investigate. Does he actually think that they just target random programs and punish them without cause? How does USC not being able to play for a national championship help the NCAA? It hurts them if anything because USC is one of the most recognizable programs in the country. They want them to have something to play for so that the sport prospers. They didn’t want this, but what went on was wrong and USC has to be held accountable since it happened under their watch.

Truth be told, Carroll should be held accountable as well. But since he got out of there at the right time, he should let it go and move on. Considering he’s coaching in the National Football League now, he should have plenty on his plate. I know he wants to save face in So Cal, but he should do the smart thing and stop commenting on the subject before somebody actually proves that he’s a liar.

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