Marshawn Lynch is killing his trade value

According to the NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora, the Seahawks are “quite interested” in Bills’ running back Marshawn Lynch, but unless he starts using his head he may never get out of Buffalo.

Thanks for Fred Jackson and first round pick C.J. Spiller, the Bills don’t need Lynch, who continues to be a pain in the team’s ass. He refuses to practice during team-organized activities, presumably because he’s upset with Buffalo’s decision to draft Spiller, and he likely wants to be traded. (I use the words “presumably” and “likely” because nobody actually knows what Lynch wants.)

But even for teams like the Seahawks who might be interested in him, what team would pull the trigger on a trade knowing that he refuses to workout for the Bills? He has been a malcontent since Buffalo drafted him and he’s destroying his trade value by refusing to practice. He could do himself a favor by working out, playing the role of good solider and staying out of trouble. But as of now, he thinks he’s smarter than everyone by refusing to participate until he gets what he wants (whatever that is).

The Bills aren’t going to get great compensation for Lynch, even if they do wind up finding a trade partner. The time to trade him was during the draft, but they missed their chance and now they’ll be lucky to get a mid-round draft pick in return for his services.

But at this point, if a team like the Seahawks are interested, then the Bills might as well take whatever they can get for him. He’s obviously not intelligent enough to realize that he’s only hurting himself, so if Seattle offers a fifth rounder, Buffalo might as well jump on it.

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