Berkman willing to approve trade

According to Jon Heyman, the Astros’ Lance Berkman would accept a trade. Of course, Berkman’s recipient would need to be cool with picking up his $15 million option for next season, which doesn’t appear likely. There aren’t many teams in need of a mediocre first baseman with dipping power numbers.

Nevertheless, Heyman states the Angels might bite if Berkman drops the option. Yeah, he looks like a lummox, but I don’t think Berkman is that dumb. If he’s fine with leaving Houston he can just play for a new contract next year while earning a ridiculous sum.

Still, the Angels scenario is intriguing considering the injury to Kendry Morales. If Morales is indeed out for the year, the Angels will need somebody to replace his power at first base. Although Berkman is hitting a discouraging .260, he’s starting to pick it up and should finish with around 25 home runs.

In the end, I say Berkman is good for a couple of solid Angel prospects. If the Angels decide to go this route, the Astros would emerge the real victors given their feeble farm system.

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