Goran Dragic vs. Sasha Vujacic

Is there anything better than two Slovenians continuing their personal rivalry in Game 6 of the NBA Western Conference Finals?

The Suns were on life support, down 17 in the fourth quarter, when Dragic came into the game, hit a jumper and started to talk some sh*t to Vujacic, who has some problems with Dragic over the fact that he (Vujacic) was dismissed from the Slovenian national team. Vujacic lost his cool and elbowed Dragic in the face, and it turned into a six-point play. Suns down 11 with 11:11 to play.

Kobe on the squabble:

Still, Bryant, who led the Lakers with 37 points, did not take kindly to Vujacic’s flagrant foul playing a role in Phoenix’s rally. In an interview with TNT immediately after the game, Bryant said he wanted to “kill” Vujacic after what he did and still wanted to “kill him” even though the Lakers won.

So what did Dragic say? Vujacic, who we all know is not to be trusted, said the following:

“I heard somebody talking in my language and talking something about mothers and family,” Vujacic said of Dragic after his team had wrapped up the series 4-2 to earn a berth against Boston in the NBA Finals. “That’s only to be expected from a low human being to do something like that. So I just went like that (putting his arms up). I didn’t do nothing like that on purpose. Low human beings can only involve the family and say something stupid like that. But I didn’t intentionally want to do anything. If I want to intentionally hurt somebody, I would have done something very differently.

“(What Dragic said) involved me and my family. When that comes in play, it’s very, very stupid. You can’t expect that from a pro basketball player … I just went up with my hands. And he was great acting.”

Dragic responded:

“I don’t know why he’s lying,” Dragic said of the Vujacic’s claims of insulting his family. “But you can ask everybody in my club that I’m not such a person. I don’t have a comment on that, really. If he wants to have words with me, he can have it. But I’m not going to battle. I didn’t say nothing to him … He can stay whatever he wants about me, but I’m just going to be quiet.”

What’s the source of the rivalry? Neither player claims there is a rivalry, but there they are stealing the show in Game 5 and Game 6 of the WCF.

When asked the source of rivalry, Dragic had this to say:

“We are coming from the same country and he wants to demonstrate that he’s better than me and (I want to show that) I’m better than him so that’s just the rivalry,” Dragic said. “I know that he want to guard me and I want to play against him. It’s just a huge rivalry between me and Sasha and that’s all.”

Goran’s younger borther Zoran, who is a 20-year-old swingman playing for Geoplin Slovan Ljubljana in Slovenia, was in attendance at Friday’s practice and was able to shed some light on the rivalry.

“It was like a little bit tense I think. They’re not good friends,” Zoran said. “They don’t like each other and this happen all the time.”

All I know is that I’m with Goran.

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