Kendrick Perkins will play in Game 6

The Boston Celtics are no doubt breathing a sigh of relief, as Kendrick Perkins will be eligible to play in Game 6. One of the two technicals he received in Game 5 was rescinded, so the seventh-year center will be in the C’s starting lineup as usual. NBC Sports comments:

We have no idea how the league decided which technical to rescind, as both appeared to be pretty bad calls. This is obviously great news for the Celtics, who are still going to have to deal with injuries to Rasheed Wallace and Glen Davis, as well as worry about Perkins picking up another tech or two in Game 6.

If Perkins does pick up another technical and it’s not rescinded, then he will be suspended for the following game, so he has to be careful.

This is a symptom of a bigger problem in the NBA — the constant complaining. Some players spend more time barking at the refs than they do focusing on the game, and every time a call doesn’t go their way, they react like a petulant two-year old.

Getting all pissed off and complaining about a call doesn’t do anyone any good. The official isn’t going to change his call and an emotional response is only going to end badly. Basketball is an emotional game and the amount of pressure is immense, but players have to learn to keep their composure. If they have a problem with a call, they need to go over to the ref in a calm manner (after he’s spoken with the scorer’s table) and ask him what he saw. Most officials will explain the call when addressed in this way.

Officials are human too, and they don’t need their calls constantly questioned. And they certainly don’t need to be shown up by grown men throwing temper tantrums every time a call doesn’t go their way.

That said, Perkins did walk away on his second technical, and he should be allowed to vent some frustration as long as it’s not directed at the official in question.

From a series standpoint, this news is big for the Celtics, who desperately need Perkins to defend Dwight Howard down low. He’s strong enough to keep Howard out of the lane and often forces Orlando’s superstar into long, contested shots from the post.

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