Is the 2014 Super Bowl rigged for New York?

Ira Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune is of the mind that Roger Goodell and the NFL are rigging the 2014 Super Bowl vote so that New York can be the host city.

The essence of New York’s bid?

Hey, we’re New York.

That’s not nearly good enough, but Goodell is driving this subway car and he has considerable clout among the owners who pay his prodigious salary.

South Florida is also in the mix, but that bid figures to be dismissed after the preliminary vote, leaving Tampa Bay vs. New York.

Central Park vs. Central Ybor.

Majority rules.

Unless reason prevails, a group of wealthy, powerful NFL owners is about to be led down a slushy path by a commissioner determined to reward New York for building a new home for the Giants and Jets.

Awarding the Super Bowl to New Meadowlands Stadium might be the worst idea since Dustin Hoffman and Warren Beatty shook hands to participate in “Ishtar,” but the New York bid has momentum.

Is Kaufman more upset that the 2014 Super Bowl is being “rigged” for New York or that Tampa is going to lose to the “Big Apple” in the voting? It sure sounds like the latter to me.

Honestly, who cares? I mean really, who gives a flying horse testicle where the Super Bowl is played? Football is meant to be played outdoors in any conditions, so whether it’s sun, sleet or snow, does it really matter? The event should be about the game – not the host city.

Whether the game will be played in New York, Tampa or East Jesus, Wyoming, I’m going to watch.

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