McNabb once again takes the high road

Eagle fans can say whatever they want about Donovan McNabb – and they have. He couldn’t win the big one, he didn’t lift his play when the game was on the line, he’s a choke artist, etc. and whatever.

But one thing they can never say about McNabb is that he wasn’t a class act. Even though he’s had to deal with idiots like Terrell Owens, he’s always taken the high road no matter what the situation has been.

Following the Eagles’ trade of McNabb to the Redskins last month, current Philadelphia wideout DeSean Jackson took the opportunity to channel his inner T.O. While speaking to The Sporting News, Jackson said of the McNabb trade that, “I don’t think we lost anything, even with McNabb being gone” and that he was “very happy with the decision.”

Instead of reminding the young receiver that he played a part in Jackson’s success over the last two years, McNabb once again took the high road when responding to the comments.


“It’s so wild when people get to talking when you’re not there, but when you’re there everybody loves you,” McNabb said.

“So I guess people will go deeper into it than I will. I’m a Redskin, no longer an Eagle. I had 11 great years and I’m moving on with my life, so whoever may say things when I’m gone, more power to them, but it’s not making you look like a bigger man.”

Maybe Jackson didn’t mean for his comments to come out the way they did. Maybe he was just trying to pump up his teammates and keep the situation positive. Either way, he gains nothing by saying what he did. His immaturity came through in his comments.

Either way, McNabb handled the situation with grace – much like he always does. He knows that saying anything won’t be beneficial to him or the Redskins, so he took the high road. One of these days, maybe he’ll finally get the respect he deserves.

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