Lakers survive, win Game 3

Despite a Goran Dragic-type effort from Kyle Korver (9-of-10 from the field, 5-for-5 from 3PT, 23 points), the Lakers were able to edge the Jazz, 110-109, and take a commanding 3-0 lead in the series.

The Lakers got 35-4-7 from Kobe, but it was Ron Artest (20 points, including a surprising 4-of-7 from 3PT) and Derek Fisher (20 points) that kept the Lakers in the game for much of the second half.

This game featured a great stretch of shooting late in the fourth quarter. Check out this series of shots:

2:25 Lamar Odom makes 24-foot three point jumper (Lakers lead, 101-100)
2:10 Paul Millsap makes layup (Jazz lead, 102-101)
1:43 Kobe Bryant makes 18-foot two point shot (Lakers lead, 103-102)
1:23 Kyle Korver makes 24-foot three point jumper (Jazz lead, 105-103)
0:54 Kobe Bryant makes 24-foot three point jumper (tied at 106)
0:42 Deron Williams makes 18-foot jumper (Jazz lead, 108-106)
0:28 Derek Fisher makes 24-foot three point jumper (Lakers lead, 109-108)

If you’re counting, that’s six made jumpshots from 18+ feet to tie or take the lead in less than two minutes. That is some seriously good shooting.

Unfortunately for the Jazz, that’s where it ended as both Wesley Matthews and Deron Williams missed jumpers that would have given Utah the lead with less than 0:10 to play.

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