T.O. and McNabb to reunite in Washington?

According to ESPN.com’s Ed Werder, Donovan McNabb is lobbying for the Redskins to sign free agent Terrell Owens. Per Werder, Mike Shanahan says that the Skins aren’t actively pursuing Owens, but the team does want to upgrade their wide receiver corps so the possibility remains open.

T.O. and McNabb have since reconciled their differences stemming from their days together in Philadelphia, but I’m not sure why McNabb would want to go back down that road. It’s not like Owens is a productive No. 1 receiver anymore; why take on the potential baggage?

That said, there’s no doubt that the Redskins have to upgrade their receiving corps at some point this offseason. Santana Moss is coming off a rough year, while youngsters Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas have only shown vague flashes of potential. Owens always keeps himself in great shape and if Washington were to sign him for one year, he could at least breathe some competition into the wideout position. Plus, a lot of his struggles last year can be attributed to the fact that the Bills didn’t have a quarterback.

Still, the Skins would be better off taking a pass on T.O. He’s a 36-year-old headache waiting to happen and there’s no telling how he and Shanahan would mesh. Washington has seven rounds to add another receiver into the mix and it just makes sense for them to go younger.

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