Investigators re-activate case against Holmes

The woman suing Steelers receiver Santonio Holmes over an incident that occurred in a nightclub in early March has changed her mind and now wants him to face criminal charges.

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Anshonae Mills informed police Wednesday that she now wants the Pittsburgh Steelers receiver charged with throwing a liquor glass at her face March 7 and causing a minor injury during a dispute over a seat at the club’s VIP lounge.

“Ms. Mills came to the Orlando Police Department yesterday and wants to prosecute, and the case has been re-activated,” Orlando police Sgt. Barbara Jones said Thursday in an e-mail.

No further information was available about how investigators plan to proceed.

Police announced Tuesday that the criminal investigation had been closed because Ms. Mills would not cooperate.

Ms. Mills, 21, a senior at the University of Central Florida, filled out a handwritten statement to police on the morning of the incident refusing to prosecute the football player.

Well, if Holmes was hoping this incident would be swept under the rug, he can think again. He was probably able to sweet talk her at the scene, but there’s no doubt that somebody (a family member maybe?) talked to her afterwards and encouraged her to go through with the charges.

This seems like a he said, she said case, so Holmes may wind up avoiding any criminal action. Nevertheless, the damage has already been done, as the Steelers and the NFL can’t be thrilled that yet another player has been accused of assaulting a woman.

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