Bosh (kind of) discusses summer plans

Chris Bosh answered questions from the South Florida Sun Sentinel about the chances that he lands in Miami this this summer.

He knows Wade “a little bit, not a lot,” he said. So scratch the friendship angle.

“It’s nice here, but there are a lot of nice places,” he said. So scratch the South Florida angle.

“Winning,” Bosh said when asked what his decision will hinge on. “I’m fortunate enough to have enough money. After seven years in the league, I want to play on a contender.”

The Miami Herald has more about how well Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh know each other.

“I know Dwyane a little bit, not a lot,” Bosh said. “We haven’t spent that much time outside of USA Basketball. People always are going to look for some kind of connection. That’s understandable. People are going to try to make things up. There is always going to be speculation. So I’ll let everybody write their stories and keep going about my business.”

Bosh also said that he expected it to take a while for the big names to make up their minds.

`I think it’s going to drag out for a while,” Bosh said before Sunday’s game against the Heat. “There are so many possibilities and scenarios, with guys staying with their own teams and trying to get other guys [to sign].

“You have to look at combinations and possibilities of what could happen. So I don’t expect it to be over too quickly.”

First off, this sure sounds like a guy who’s leaving town, doesn’t it?

There’s still a feeling that Toronto could swing a sign-and-trade for Bosh, so that he can sign for an extra season and more money, but that would require enough in the way of assets to get Toronto to bite. Why would Bosh bother to agree to such a scenario when it would only fleece his new team of their draft picks and/or young players? That would hurt his new team’s championship chances, correct?

The only scenario I can see at the moment is the Lakers. If Bosh wants to play in L.A. with Kobe, the Lakers could send Andrew Bynum to Toronto in return. However, Bynum’s long history of injury is only getting longer.

I still stand by my prediction that Bosh is going to walk and the Raptors will get nothing in return.

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