Eagles to keep all three quarterbacks?

It appears that the Eagles are fine with the possibility of keeping Donovan McNabb, Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick on their roster for the 2010 season.

ESPN.com is reporting that the Eagles will pick up Vick’s $1.5 million roster bonus, which is due on Tuesday. That means unless a team makes Philly an offer they can’t refuse, it looks like Vick will have to wait another to become a starter.

That said, the Rams, Bills and Raiders still have plenty of time to make a move for Vick. It’s hard to believe that the Eagles would pass on a fourth round pick if one were offered to them, especially considering Vick will become a free agent next year and they won’t get anything for him if he signs elsewhere. It doesn’t make sense for the Eagles not to acquire compensation for a quarterback they’re not even using, but it’s wise that they’re playing their cards close to their chest right now.

As far as McNabb and Kolb are concerned, it appears that the Eagles will hang onto both players unless they’re offered a first round pick for either of them. And even then, they may ultimately decide that they want to see how the 2010 season plays out before deciding what they want to do in 2011.

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