Patriots did what they had to in order to keep Wilfork: They opened up their wallets

The New England Patriots have long been known as a team that doesn’t pony up when it comes to signing free agents. But Vince Wilfork’s new five-year, $40 million deal proves just how much the Pats value the 28-year-old defensive tackle.

Having a nose tackle that can occupy multiple offensive linemen and keep blockers off of linebackers is a vital component for a team that plays the 3-4. Wilfork, a skilled run defender, is arguably the best nose tackle in the league and while $40 million is a hefty price to pay for his position, New England had no choice but to shell out big money to retain his services.

The Patriots defense didn’t play at the same level last season that everyone has come to expect under Bill Belichick’s guidance. It was imperative that they re-signed Wilfork and in doing so, they’ve filled a potential void that could have been detrimental to their success for the next couple seasons.

Considering he’s only 28 and has shown no signs of decline, there’s a good chance that Wilfork will see the end of his contract in New England.

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