Name change in store for the Bobcats?

Now that Michael Jordan is majority owner, his first order of business might be a name change for the Charlotte Bobcats, per

Too many of you have emailed me with that suggestion not to think it’s an issue to many Charlotteans. You didn’t like Bob Johnson naming the team after himself, and you sure don’t see this as a positive once Johnson is no longer majority owner.

This wouldn’t be cheap. I spoke with an NBA executive who estimated it would cost the franchise anywhere from $3 million to $10 million to rebrand the team. There are so many signs and logos that would have to be replaced, and any pre-existing merchandise gets deeply discounted or thrown away.

I didn’t even make the connection between “Bobcats” and “Bob Johnson.” But if that’s the case, Jordan should definitely change the name to something more appropriate.

How about the Charlotte Airnesses? Or the Charlotte MJs? Better yet — how about the Charlotte Gamblers?

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