Report: Bengals signed Matt Jones despite awful work out

According to Yahoo! Sports’ Jason Cole, the Bengals signed Matt Jones despite the receiver turning in a horrible work out. Apparently Pacman Jones wasn’t impressive either, although he didn’t receive a contract.

“It was one of the worst workouts I have ever seen,” one of the sources said. “I don’t care how fast his 40 time is or was, he’s a slow-twitch athlete.”

“He obviously has great size, but not even that is much of an advantage when you don’t move very fast,” the other source said. “He’s not really the solution to what we need.”

As for Pacman Jones, the word was even worse.

“He worked out, but he wasn’t really ready to work out, if you know what I’m saying,” said the first of the two Cincinnati sources. “If he really wants to get back in the league, I don’t know what he’s been doing to get ready for it.”

I don’t get this signing. About the only route Matt Jones can run with some consistent success is the slant because he can use his size to shield defenders from the ball. But he doesn’t have the speed to be a deep threat, is a bum off the field and if he turned in an awful work out, then why did the Bengals even give him a one-year deal? Because he’s a former first round pick? He shouldn’t have been selected that high anyway.

And is anyone surprised that Pacman Jones was given a chance to work out for a team and he showed up unprepared? What a joke.

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