How “The Hangover” convinced Mike Dunleavy to step down

Via TrueHoop…

I was walking by [Clippers broadcaster] Ralph [Lawler] … He sits right behind me and he’s laughing. I went to use the restroom — I was studying film, doing whatever — and I said, “What are you watching?”

And Ralph said, “I’m watching this movie, ‘The Hangover,'”

I said, “All my boys have seen it and said they loved it.”

And I’m sitting there and I said to myself, “You know, I need a break.”

I said, “Ralph, when you’re finished with that movie, let me know.”

He gave me the movie, and I laughed. And I got in my own head and I’m thinking, “Wow.”

One of our guys saw me laughing. He thought I was asleep and he says, “Coach!”

I look up and he said, “What are you laughing at?”

I said, “I’m watching this film.”

He said, “Oh, I thought you were asleep and were laughing in your dreams.”

I think he was shocked that I was watching a movie as opposed to nonstop film. At that point in my own mind, I said the same thing, “This is a sign that it’s time to take a break. Time to recharge the batteries … You’re burnt out on this.”

Mike Dunleavy is comedy gold.

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