Here we go again: Teammates believe Favre will retire

Not eight seconds after the Saints beat the Vikings in the NFC Championship Game, FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer reported that “every player” in Minnesota’s locker room believes that Brett Favre will retire this offseason.

After the game, however, Favre was non-committal about his future plans (from USA Today):

“I know people are rolling their eyes or will roll their eyes,” he said. “In a situation like this, I really don’t want to make a decision right now based solely on what happened (Sunday).”

Favre’s last pass was an interception with seven seconds left in regulation that doomed the Vikings’ chances as girding for a potential game-winning field goal attempt. The Saints won the coin toss in overtime, and Favre never had a chance to run a play in the extra frame.

“It’s disappointing,” Favre said. “And that’s an understatement.”

I’ve taken on the mindset that Favre wants to win the Super Bowl again before he retires. With how close he got this season, I doubt he’ll hang ’em up in the next couple months.

After figuring out a way to get out of training camp, he’ll return to lead Minnesota next season.

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