Broncos allow Charlie Frye, JaMarcus Russell to beat them at home

I don’t want to take way anything the Denver Broncos and first year head coach Josh McDaniels have accomplished this season. But they might not be able to look at themselves in the minor tomorrow after allowing Charlie Frye and JaMarcus Russell combine to beat them 20-19 in Week 15. Did I mention Denver was at home, too?

Actually, Michael Bush and the rest of Oakland’s was the reason the Raiders were able to pull off yet another surprising upset this season. Frye and Russell just made sure they stayed the hell out of the way. Bush rushed 18 times for 133 yards and a touchdown, while Darren McFadden chipped in 74 yards on 12 carries. On the day, Oakland rushed for 241 yards, which was huge because the team only had 102 passing yards on the day.

This is a rather jarring loss for the Broncos, who now have an identical record as the Ravens at 8-6. They’re still in good shape in the AFC playoff race, but no team should lose at home to the Raiders when Charlie Frye is starting for Oakland and J. Russell McBust makes an appearance. There’s just no excuse for Denver to allow Russell to lead a game-winning touchdown drive. None.

What an ugly loss for the Broncos.

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