2009 NFL Week 13 Top 5 Observations: Eagles 34, Falcons 7

“Hey, there are the two fans I gave the middle finger to a couple years ago!”

Here are five quick-hit observations for the Eagles’ 34-7 win over the depleted Falcons in Week 13.

1. God hates the Falcons and their fans.
The above sentence might read a little harsh, but there’s just no other explanation for when Michael Vick scores his first two touchdowns of the season in Atlanta against his old team. Shame on those Falcon fans for not raining down a heavy layer of boos on that turd after he went to the sidelines with a fat smile on his face following his two touchdowns. The guy single-handily sends the Falcons franchise into the depths of hell and then scores two touchdowns in the house he burned down. The only bigger injustice this season was when Brett Favre went to Lambeau and beat the Packers.

2. Eagles get a much-needed free win.
The only team that was more banged up offensively than the Eagles this week were the Falcons, who were without Matt Ryan, Michael Turner and two starting offensive linemen. Atlanta actually moved the ball decently today, but Chris Redman had zero time to throw the ball and the running game was non-existent. Considering they were without Brian Westbrook and DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia was incredibly fortunate to be in the middle of playoff contention and play a road game against the Falcons’ JV squad.

3. Leonard Weaver, aka “The Ultimate Weapon.”
The Eagles’ best offensive player today wasn’t Donovan McNabb, LeSean McCoy or even rookie Jeremy Maclin (who had a solid outing). It was actually Leonard Weaver, who made countless big plays to keep drives alive and put the Eagles in scoring position. His final stats might not show it, but Weaver came up huge today for Philly and made one of the best grabs of the week on a 59-yard reception in the first half.

4. The Eagles need to tighten things up.
The final score would indicate that the Eagles completely dominated today, which is only somewhat true. But McNabb wasn’t that sharp passing the ball against one of the worst defensive backfields in the league and missed wide open receivers are several occasions. His receivers also dropped a couple of passes that would have given the Eagles a first down and the defense committed some penalties that had they been playing a better opponent, would have cost them. This team has to clean it up over the final four weeks or else they’ll get edged out of the playoff race.

5. Sorry, I’m still bitter.
This is McNabb on Vick after the game:

“You were seeing a guy in his element,” said Eagles starting QB Donovan McNabb, who gave Vick a long hug after the TD pass to Celek. “I think he was just relishing the moment.”


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