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In a column on Fox Sports, Brooks from has a list of 20 questions he’d like answered regarding the bizarre incident. Here’s several of them.

Five days in the somehow-intertwined lives of Tiger Woods, his wife Elin Nordegren and Woods’ alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel have left me with more questions than answers. Twenty, actually.

1. Tiger’s official Web site characterized the incident as a “minor car accident,” yet his wife told police she needed to smash out the back window of his 2009 Escalade in order to rescue him. Does that sound like a “minor car accident”?

2. Why did the Florida Highway Patrol wait 11 1/2 hours to report anything about the incident to the public? The report came, perhaps not coincidentally, after Woods had received treatment and exited an Orlando hospital.

3. If the National Enquirer story of Woods’ alleged affair with Rachel Uchitel is untrue, which Uchitel maintains, why did report that Woods’ wife scratched his face and smashed his SUV in an apparent fit of rage over the Enquirer’s report?

4. Why are Woods and Nordegren stll refusing to formally talk to police about the accident? If you know you’ve been truthful with the police and have nothing to hide, why wait.

When the story of the accident came out, the explanation seemed ridiculous. Today, Tiger refused to speak to police for the third straight day. It looks like Team Tiger is doing everything possible to control the damage here, but his reputation is taking a serious hit.

Brooks is all over the story, with great photos Rachel Uchitel and constant updates on the story.

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