Inside the Box (10/28)

Here are a few random thoughts as I peruse the box scores from opening night action:

– Is this what we’re going to get from Mo Williams (12p, 0r, 3a)? He averaged 18p/4r/4a last season, but there are a lot of new faces in Cleveland, including Shaq. It’s only one game, but it’s worrisome.

– LeBron was the high efficiency man on the night with +38. His line (38p, 8a, 4r, 4b, 2s) plus 55% shooting is the model of efficiency. He was even 4 of 9 from long range.

– Paul Pierce (23p, 11r) was quiet much of the second but took over in the fourth quarter. With KG and Ray-Ray getting older, he’s a safe bet to lead the C’s in scoring on any given night.

– Rasheed Wallace (12p, 3r, 2b) was reasonably efficient in 24 minutes. He’s not as tough in the pain, but he can stretch the floor in a way that Kendrick Perkins can’t.

– He’s baaaaack. Gilbert Arenas (29p, 9a) made a splash in his first game back, and shot 48% from the field.

– Randy Foye (19p, 3r, 2s) didn’t start, but played 30 minutes and was effective. Andray Blatche (20p, 7r) looks like a safe bet to produce as long as Antawn Jamison is out.

– Shawn Marion (16p, 7r, 3b) looks like he still has it.

– It was a dreadful night for Luis Scola (3p, 4r), who needs to have a big year if the Rockets are going to compete without Yao Ming.

– Kyle Lowry (12p, 8a, 3r, 2s) was highly efficient (+19) off the Rockets’ bench. He and Aaron Brooks (+18) may be Houston’s best fantasy plays night in and night out.

– Brandon Roy (20p, 5r, 5a) shot horribly (5-18) from the field, but the Blazers cruised to an easy win. Travis Outlaw (+26) came off the bench to lead the team in efficiency by a wide margin. Martell Webster (+17) also had an efficient game.

– Andre Miller (9p, 7a, 4r) came off the bench, but played as many minutes as starter Steve Blake.

– Chris Kaman (18p, 16r) and Andrew Bynum (23p, 13r) are going to thrive as long as Blake Griffin and Pau Gasol are sidelined.

– Ron Artest (10p, 5r, 4a) had a decent Laker debut, but had a low efficiency game (+5) due to four turnovers and seven missed shots.

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