Jags to have home games blacked out in ’09

According to a report by the Florida Times Union, the Jaguars anticipate having all of their home games blacked out on local TV this season due to insufficient ticket sales.

The Jaguars play the first of 10 home games this year Saturday night — two in the preseason and eight in the regular season — and the team has already announced all 10 will be blacked out on TV because of a lack of ticket sales.

This will be the first time in their 15-year history that they’ve blacked out all 10 games and the stadium might be only, about half-filled Saturday night. Crowd noise probably won’t be a problem for the Bucs.

This situation is a shame and a window to the state of our economy. It’s understandable that fans can’t/don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars to take their families to a football game when there are more important things to spend their money on. And in the case of Jaguar fans that live in Jacksonville, now they can’t even watch their favorite team’s home games on television.

Granted, they can still go to bars that carry the NFL Sunday Ticket, but sometimes it’s nice to stay home, throw a pot of chili on the stove, have a cold one and kick back in front of your own TV.

This is unfortunate news for Jacksonville fans.

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