Jim Brown: Stallworth might have smoked pot before accident

Browns’ legendary running back Jim Brown says that Donte Stallworth might have smoked pot the evening/morning of his car accident that took the life of Miami pedestrian Mario Reyes.

Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown, who remains a senior member of Cleveland Browns management, suggested on Friday that Browns receiver Donte’ Stallworth(notes) was smoking marijuana on the evening/morning of the accident that claimed the life of 59-year-old Mario Reyes, according to Profootballtalk.com.

Brown made his remarks during an appearance on 790 The Ticket’s The Dan LeBatard Show.

“This situation is a tragedy all around, but what was involved was alcohol and marijuana,” Brown said.

“On one hand, DUI is a very serious thing in America. Marijuana of course is against all the rules.”

Brown explained that he has some “inside information that says that that was also a part of what was detected,” presumably in the blood test imposed on Stallworth. Brown said he’s not “100 percent sure” that this is true, but Brown said he spoke with a ” very reliable source” who shared this information, according to the report.

It Brown isn’t 100% sure that any of this is true, then he shouldn’t be saying it. And even if it is true, Stallworth has already cut a deal to only serve less than 30 days in jail so this changes nothing.

I have a hard time believing that if pot were involved, that that information would have been released along with Stallworth’s blood alcohol level. I’d take this report with a major grain of salt and I question Brown’s motives here.

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