Andre Ethier is meeting all expectations


Last year, I wrote an article in praise of Andre Ethier, claiming that, of all the young talent on the Dodgers roster, he is the player likely to become the face of the organization. When I made that claim, I wasn’t positive the Dodgers knew what they had in their talented right fielder. At the end of 2008, there was still the possibility that Ethier would have to platoon with Juan Pierre within a crowded roster of outfielders. The Dodgers were gaga over Manny, so Ramirez’s spot was solidified if they could re-sign him and Matt Kemp had already emerged as their everyday centerfielder. Still, were the Dodgers going to give Andruw Jones another shot and stick with Juan Pierre because of his speed? Thankfully, the Dodgers got rid of Jones, resigned Manny, and, by landing Orlando Hudson, realized they had a lineup full of speed in Rafael Furcal, Russell Martin, Matt Kemp, and their new second baseman. What they needed now was more power – somebody to finish off what Manny started. The Dodgers have looked to Andre Ethier to fill that role. Has he come through?

Um, yeah, pretty much. Ethier is sixth in the league in RBIs (26), tied for eighteenth in runs (21), tied for twenty-fourth in hits (33), tied for twenty-sixth in homeruns (6), tied for twenty-fourth in batting average (.327), tied for eleventh in on base percentage (.439), and tied for twenty-sixth in slugging percentage (.574). While those numbers may not impress you since he doesn’t lead the league in anything, with respect to the Dodgers it’s a huge accomplishment. The 3-4 hitting combo of Ramirez and Ethier has propelled them to the best record in baseball. Granted, they have been playing weaker teams and everybody in the lineup is contributing in their own way, but Ethier is truly beginning to shine this year. Ethier is second on the team in runs, second in hits, tied for first in home runs, first in RBIs, second in on base percentage, second in slugging percentage, and third in batting average. For a first place team, it’s obvious that Ethier has contributed to much of their success.

Along with his bat, Ethier is an above-average outfielder with incredible range, though he hasn’t had enough opportunities this year that would to earn a gold glove. By honing all his tools, he’s finally putting together an incredible year. He’s obviously not going to win the MVP, but it’s fair enough to say that he’s the most valuable right fielder in the National League.

As far as fantasy baseball is concerned, Ethier has proven to be a surprise success. He didn’t go until the ninth round in our draft. Where did he go in yours and how is that working out in your league?

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