Falcons will attempt to trade Michael Vick

Falcons’ GM Thomas Dimitroff will attempt to trade suspended quarterback Michael Vick this offseason.

Michael VickThe Falcons must attempt to trade Vick because if they release him, his contract would place a heavy burden on their salary cap. Vick has a lucrative contract that runs until 2013. It calls for Vick to receive a base salary of $9 million and a bonus of $6.43 million in 2009. The remainder of the contract is worth $45.11 million, with another possible $3 million in Pro Bowl bonuses.

One question the Falcons will have to address is whether to trade Vick within the division. Carolina and Tampa Bay are among several teams that could be in the market for a quarterback. Some other candidates include Detroit, Cleveland, Kansas City, New York Jets, San Francisco and Chicago.

Also, former Falcons head coach Jim Mora, who went to the NFC championship game with Vick, is now head coach in Seattle. Greg Knapp, the former offensive coordinator for the Falcons when Vick was the starting quarterback, is on Mora’s staff.

Good luck. Why would any team cover that salary and take on that headache for a guy that hasn’t played the past two seasons? I realize he’s quite the talent, but nobody knows what kind of shape Vick is in and there’s no doubt he’ll create a media frenzy for whatever team decides to take a chance on him. (If any team is willing to take the risk, that is.)

But for the sake of argument, Seattle would make a lot of sense because Mora had a great relationship with Vick in Hotlanta and current Seahawks’ QB Matt Hasselbeck can’t stay healthy. Knapp also had some success designing option run packages for Vick while they were both in Atlanta, although Knapp was never able to make Mike into a quality passer.

Outside of Seattle, a strong personality like Mike Singletary (49ers) would do Vick a lot of good (if Singletary would even want a player like Vick), or an already dysfunctional situation like Oakland would work, so Mikey could just blend in.

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