Monte Kiffin joining son at Tennessee next season

Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin has decided to join his son, Lane, at the University of Tennessee next season. The elder Monte confirmed the news following the Bucs’ 13-10 overtime loss to the Falcons on Sunday.

“I made the decision last weekend and I went back and forth,” Kiffin said. “It was a very, very hard decision because of players, our fans. When you’ve been in a place since 1996, you don’t just jump ship. I’ve had other opportunities. There was one that came up last year that was a great opportunity and people don’t even know for sure about the whole thing. But I stayed here, decided to sign back up for two years. But the club was very good about giving me the option to go with my son.”

Lane Kiffin recently took the job as head coach at Tennessee, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity for he and his father to do something they’ve talked about for years: work together.

“It boiled down to one thing: It was your son, and that’s what it is,” Kiffin said. “I love these players. I addressed it Wednesday. I told (General Manager) Bruce (Allen). Jon (Gruden) was the first person I told. The head coach, he should know first. I told the defensive staff before I went downstairs at a quarter ’til 4. We had a team meeting at 4 o’clock and the whole team was there.

“I told them kind of what I’m telling you. I said, “Guys, this was a tough decision. I went back and forth. I said I just want you to know now. I didn’t think it was right to keep carrying it out.”

Huge, massive, enormous blow for the Buccaneers. Monte Kiffin has consistently been one of the best defensive coordinators in the NFL this decade and the teams in the NFC South must be celebrating after hearing this news.

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