The Broncos are frauds

Denver BroncosThe most fraudulent team in the NFL right now has to be the Denver Broncos. After a comeback victory over the Browns two weeks ago and an impressive win last Sunday in Atlanta, the Broncos got stomped by Oakland 31-10…they lost…to the Raiders…at home.

Somehow the Denver defense limited the Falcons to 20 points last week, but surrendered 31 to a previously two-win Raider team. Not only that, but JaMarcus Russell only attempted 11 passes and completed 10 of those attempts for 152 yards and a touchdown. How does Oakland only attempt 11 passes and win 31-10? Better yet, how do you only score 10 points against the Raiders when you average 24.8 points per game? It’s mind-boggling.

Hey, maybe the Broncos just had an off day. But 31-10 to the Raiders? That’s just embarrassing. I realize that the Raiders do have some talented players and Denver’s defense has been atrocious this season, but how does this happen? The Broncos had zero interest in trying to tackle Justin Fargas and Darren McFadden.

For the Broncos to lose to the Raiders and fall to 6-5 on the season but still lead their division shows you how absolutely brutal the AFC West is this season. It’s a shame that a team like the Colts, Ravens, Patriots or hell, even the Dolphins might miss the playoffs this season, yet this crap Denver team gets in because they play in a joke of a division.

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