Syracuse fires head coach Greg Robinson

The University of Syracuse has canned head coach Greg Robinson after yet another disastrous season for the Orange football program.

Greg RobinsonThe Orange have been outscored 300-169 in 2008.

Under Robinson, though, the Orange got worse. Robinson’s first team went 1-10, the first time since Syracuse began playing football in 1889 that it lost 10 games. There have been few, if any signs, of improvement since.

The team’s poor performance under Robinson, who has had three offensive coordinators in his four seasons, also has hurt financially. In 21 homes games over Robinson’s first three seasons, more than 260,000 seats were not sold.

In April, the school newspaper, The Daily Orange, reported that the football team lost money in 2006 for the first time since 1995, when athletic departments were first required to report their finances to the government.

Average attendance fell to a 21-year low in 2007, and attendance numbers are again abysmal this season. Only 27,549 turned out for Pittsburgh in September, the smallest Carrier Dome crowd in 22 years.

Somebody has to turn that program around because Syracuse has got too much great history to be one of the laughingstocks in college football. The problem is that they’re losing the recruiting battle because no player wants to play for Syracuse anymore.

Too bad Jim Brown didn’t have any coaching experience because at least he would whip some players into shape. The ‘Cuse players would win out of fear of getting their ass kicked by Jim Brown.

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