Media needs to be more careful with steroid talk

According to the AP, six to eight players are under investigation by the NFL for violating the league’s substance abuse policy by taking a weight-loss diuretic that could (could being the operative word here) be considered a masking agent for steroids.

Three of these players under investigation are Minnesota Viking defensive tackles Pat Williams and Kevin Williams, as well as Atlanta Falcons defensive tackle Grady Jackson.

Granted, there’s no way of knowing at this point whether or not those players used the diuretic to cut weight or to mask the use of steroids, but given their size and stature (especially Jackson’s), it’s probably safe to assume that these athletes were trying to drop some pounds.

The media needs to be careful to not lump every NFL player who is found guilty of violating the league’s drug policy into the steroid category. The NFL even bans some cold medicines because of the ingredients in them and therefore, it’s not fair to suggest that every player caught has been cheating and taking steroids.

I only feel the need to mention this because one, the media has a tendency to over blow things and two, fans have a tendency to over blow things. Let’s wait until all the facts are released before labeling these players as cheaters.

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