Vernon Davis speaks out about incident with Mike Singletary

Vernon Davis has a blog over at Yardbarker (one of our favorite sites), and he wrote a post about what happened on Sunday. Here are the last two paragraphs.

I was asked today by the media if Coach Singletary and I could work together. Yeah, I believe we can make it work. Coach Singletary, he’s a coach that really wants to win. He’s excited and this is his first time having a big job like this so he has to get comfortable, and we have to get comfortable with each other, I think he’s going to do a good job.

I know that I’m a team guy. My teammates know it. I love my teammates, I love the coaches. I think that they’re doing a good job around here, and I would never do anything to hurt my teammates or put them in any kind of trouble. Coach Singletary always preaches we have to stay together and he’s right, team first. It’s about the team, it ain’t about me, it ain’t about the coaches, it ain’t about individuals. It’s about the team. When you’re playing this game, especially where we’re at right now. We’re at a point right now where we need to come out of a hole. It’s tough. We really have to be a team at this point and depend on each other.

Vernon Davis has all the physical talent in the world, but at some point the light has to go on. I don’t know if it’s Davis, Mike Martz’ offensive scheme, the 49er QB, or some other factor. But I’m sure 49er fans and fantasy owners are growing impatient. The time is now for this young man.

If you’re hurting at TE and have an open roster spot, it might not be a bad time to pick Davis up and see if he emerges over the next couple of games.

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