Santonio Holmes found with the marijuana, out Sunday

Mike Tomlin said today that Santonio Holmes will not play Sunday due to an incident involving “the marijuana”…a.k.a. weed…ganja…grass…Mary Jane…

Pittsburgh police charged Steelers wide receiver Santonio Holmes with possession of marijuana Thursday afternoon.

According to police, Holmes was driving a sport utility vehicle with out-of-state license plates near Mellon Arena. The vehicle matched the description of one linked to a crime, so officers made an investigatory stop.

“When they pulled him over, they found there was a smell of burnt marijuana in the vehicle,” said Sgt. James Vogel of the Pittsburgh Police Department. “Mr. Holmes was very cooperative with officers and turned over some items to us and was subsequently summoned for those items. A couple of marijuana blunts.”

Police said Holmes turned over three marijuana cigars. Officers charged Holmes with one misdemeanor count of possession of a small amount of marijuana. He was given a summons to court and released.

Vogel said Holmes was very cooperative, respectful and wasn’t impaired. He thinks that should be taken into account when it comes to any potential action taken against him by the Steelers and the NFL.

From the story, it sounds like Sgt. Vogel is a Steeler fan.

From a fantasy perspective, Nate Washington gets a big bump for those owners needing a quick fix at wide receiver. It is not clear at this point what, if any, action the NFL will take in this matter.

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