Chiefs’ president Carl Peterson is unreasonable

Tony Gonzalez is in the twilight of his career but he is still one of the top three or four pass-catching tight ends in the game. The Chiefs are surely in the midst (or at the beginning?) of a rebuilding effort, so why would they hold onto Gonzo when there was a third round pick on the table? The Chiefs’ president, Carl Peterson, apparently was holding out for a second round pick. The Packers, Eagles, Giants and Bills all showed interest, but that offer never came, so Gonzalez is still a Chief.

Barring a few slight differences, this scenario is pretty similar to the Brett Favre situation this summer. Both players are All-Pro caliber and both are going to probably play one or two more seasons. The Packers traded Favre for a conditional fourth round pick that will turn into a third round pick if Favre plays at least 50% of the Jets’ snaps. It could turn into a second round pick if Favre plays 70% of his team’s snaps and the Jets make the playoffs.

So the market value for an aging, still productive Pro-Bowler is a second or a third round pick. It’s fine to hold out for a second rounder, but if your team is rebuilding and no one is willing to offer that up, take the third round pick! What good does it do you to have a grumpy Tony Gonzalez on your roster?

Not only that, but it’s a slap in the face of Gonzalez. Peterson deems that extra round more important than allowing the face of your franchise to go somewhere else and have a chance at a title. Everyone in Kansas City realizes that they aren’t going to be making a Super Bowl run in the next two years, so why not let Gonzo have a shot elsewhere?

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