Ohio State freshman QB Terrelle Pryor bashes ESPN, media

Ohio State Buckeyes’ freshman QB Terrelle Pryor isn’t too happy with ESPN’s Mark May and for that matter, the media in general. In the wake of USC falling to Oregon State last Thursday, Pryor had (among other things) these comments to say about to way the Trojans are perceived in comparison to Ohio State.

Terrelle Pryor“If we would lose that game, we would get stuff talked on us,” Pryor said, “but if USC loses, they don’t get stuff talked on them.”

Pryor had several strong words for the media, and showed he’s not backing down from anyone. First, he remarked on ESPN analyst Mark May.

“People like Mark May, he said ‘let’s see how he plays on the big stage,’ ” Pryor said, clearly unhappy with any suggestion of doubt about his big-stage ability. “And we’re going to see next week.”

“The media, ESPN people, sit there and talk stuff on our team and say we’re dead,” Pryor said after a separate question. “We’ll find out this week coming up who’s dead. We’re out to show the world something, and we’re going to.”

And while I’m not excited by the idea of a rematch with USC in the Rose Bowl, it’s certainly possible. And it might be different.

“That’s over, we’re not going to dwell on that. Beanie didn’t play. It’s over with,” Pryor said, before adding, “If we played them again, I’m sure we’d give them a better game.”

Interesting. Pryor is obviously making his presence felt both on and off the field this year. To a certain extent, I think it’s good for players and teams to play with a little bit of a chip on their shoulders and a, “Let’s show the world” attitude. But they shouldn’t go overboard with it. Part of the media’s job is to make claims and observations on athletes and teams. And they’re obviously not always going to say positive things.

Pryor is right about one thing, though – USC is the media’s darlings in college football.

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