Monta Ellis injury occurred on a moped

He tried to tell the Golden State Warriors that he was hurt playing basketball, but the injuries Monta Ellis weren’t consistent with that story. It turns out Ellis was injured in a low-speed moped accident.

The team has not decided how to punish Ellis for violating the terms of his new six-year, $66 million deal by participating in a banned activity and trying to cover it up.

Since riding a moped is prohibited under the uniform player contract, the Warriors could move to terminate Ellis’ deal, though such a move seems highly unlikely.

A possible punishment for Ellis is a heavy fine or suspension. It’s also possible the Warriors will let Ellis off the hook completely, chalking the incident up to the youngster’s maturation process.

The question seems to be what steps the Warriors will take to punish Ellis for violating the terms of his contract, but what I really want to know is why Ellis was riding a moped in the first place? What’s the upside?

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