Jason Kidd plans to give his gold medal away…

…assuming the U.S. men’s basketball team wins, of course. It turns out Kidd’s medal is already spoken for.

His name is Steve Wynn. He’s a billionaire. And his wife, Elaine, is getting Jason Kidd’s gold medal if Team USA wins one more game in China.

“No, it’s not a (gambling) marker or anything like that,” Kidd said. “She’s just a great friend and a really great person.”

“Last summer, we stayed at the Wynn (resort) for a lifetime, close to three weeks,” Kidd said. “We met at a banquet, we got to talking, and she really understands the game.

“I told her I’d make a deal with her, that if we won the gold medal, I’d give it to her. She thought I was kidding. But I told her I had one already, and the way they treated us at the Wynn, it was the least I could do.”

So I’m trying to figure out this “deal” that Kidd is talking about. Did he stay at the resort for free and the gold medal is his way of paying Mrs. Wynn back? Really? It’s either that or he paid for his stay and doesn’t get anything in return for giving her the gold medal. This is apparently the “least” he can do. Hmm.

I guess the lesson here is that if you treat Jason Kidd well, he’ll give you things… like gold medals.

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