Is Central Michigan’s LeFevour a Heisman candidate?

I saw something interesting that contributor Bruce Feldman linked to about Central Michigan quarterback Dan LeFevour. Drew Ellis of The Mt. Pleasant Morning Sun debates whether or not LeFevour is a true Heisman candidate.

Which brings me to another point in this argument. If CMU truly wants to garner national respect and attention, they have to make LeFevour the poster boy.

It may not seem right or fair to the team aspect, but LeFevour is a special player and his play has the ability to get CMU’s name out there.

The wheel has already been in motion in the state of Michigan, as you can see LeFevour smiling face donning billboards around the state to promote CMU.

But, that promotion needs to continue to spread out through the Midwest.

Make Dan LeFevour a recognizable face outside of the CMU area and that alone will create interest in him, and thus draw attention to the university and football program.

I know the budget isn’t strong, but the reward could be huge.

Potential recruits can see LeFevour and recognize that they could become a national star by playing at CMU.

Ellis has the right idea – why not try to promote a player like LeFevour if you’re Central Michigan? As long as the young man can handle it, then it could be a great vechile for recruiting, as well as putting the school on the map.

I’m a proud CMU alum and even though it’s a long shot, I would love to see LeFevour garner some national attention for the Heisman. If nothing else, he’s exciting to watch and has certainly made the Chippewas a contender in the MAC again.

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