Poulter thinks he can challenge King Tiger

British golfer Ian Poulter told the United Kingdom’s version of Golf World magazine that he’s the only other golfer that could challenge Tiger Woods.

The flamboyant Englishman, currently ranked No 22 in the world claims that he is the only golfer who has the ability to catch the 13-time major winner. “I just don’t rate anyone else,” Poulter said. “Don’t get me wrong, I respect everyone who is a professional. But the problem is I know I haven’t played to my full potential. And when that happens it will just be me and Tiger.”

I love the, “if I play up to my full potential” line. Yeah, if you played up to your full potential, you might be able to beat Tiger. If everyone could play up to their full potential, everyone would pretty good. Great. Well you know what, Ian? Tiger does play up to his full potential and he takes other golfers like you to the woodshed. That’s why he’s Tiger Woods and you’re Ian Poulter…the 22nd rated golfer in the world.

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