Anderson the starter in Cleveland?

The Akron Beacon-Journal is reporting Derek Anderson is the front-runner for the Browns’ starting quarterback job.

If the Browns had to open the season today, the quarterback probably would be Derek Anderson. That’s the word from some with the Browns, but it’s written in pencil, and keep in mind that Anderson is being judged on drills where they wear shorts and helmets and the quarterback is not being sacked.

I had the opportunity to study a couple of Anderson’s games while doing NFL features for last year, and I was rather impressed. He certainly has the physical tools to compete in the league and his decision-making in his first game as a starter (a 31-28 OT win over Kansas City in Week 13) was above average too. I know some Browns fans have to be a bit disappointed that by all accounts, it doesn’t appear that Charlie Frye is going to make it in Cleveland. However, the future is in Brady Quinn and if Anderson gives them the best chance to compete in 2007, than there’s no question that he needs to be under center come Week 1. Granted, it’s only June and this means nothing at this point, but it will be interesting to follow throughout the summer.

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