Cavs fans: time to start worrying?

Carmelo Anthony has already accepted the maximum contract extension from the Denver Nuggets, so why hasn’t LeBron James done the same thing?

Appearing at a Cavaliers’ press conference scheduled to introduce the team’s new draft picks (Shannon Brown and Daniel Gibson), James wouldn’t comment on the status of the extension.

“I’m not talking about it today,” a smiling James said at a news conference held by the Cavaliers to introduce new draft picks Shannon Brown and Daniel Gibson. “You’ll have to ask them [the Cavaliers].”

But the team, fearful of doing anything to upset James or break the league’s gag order during the free agency moratorium from July 1-12, is reluctant to discuss much about the star’s future.

“This is one you don’t want to stub your toe on rules,” general manager Danny Ferry said. “We’re going to make a call and allow things to unfold from there. Rushing is not a necessity.”

But Cleveland fans aren’t as patient. They’ve been burned before, crushed by promises made by the likes of Art Modell, Jim Thome and Carlos Boozer, who all said they would stay and left anyway.

If James is sure he wants to re-sign, I’m not sure why he would be playing it so coy. He must want something from the team to make them sweat like this. Does he want more say in front office decisions? More power over the direction of the franchise?

He must know that every day he waits, his fans in Cleveland will grow more and more worried about what he’s going to do. Why would he put them through that if he’s intent on re-signing? I wouldn’t say that something is up, but something might be up.

Or maybe he’s having trouble getting his agent, Leon Rose, on the phone. Rose represents #1 draft pick Andrea Bargnani and Allen Iverson, who has been the subject of a ton of trade rumors. Maybe Rose is the guy holding up the deal. James even joked about his agent:

“I hope he [Rose] can find some time for me,” James said.

This might be an interesting couple of weeks in Cleveland.

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