Tracy Morgan asked about Sarah Palin, cue inappropriateness [video]

Tracy Morgan stopped by the TNT pregame set to answer a couple of questions. Here’s what happened:

Morgan should know better, but he doesn’t. He has a history of pushing the envelope on live television, so this one is on Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley and/or whoever decided to have Morgan on in the first place.

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Watch Shaq play Charles Barkley in golf [video]

ESPN has disabled embedding for this video, so you’ll have to check it out on YouTube. Pretty funny stuff.

Charles Barkley breaks down the Cavs’ rotation [video]

It seems pretty simple when Chuck says it…

Charles Barkley is scared of an Alabama victory

Charles Barkley is an Auburn alum, so he isn’t too keen on the Crimson Tide winning tonight…

“I always tell people the three saddest days of my life were the day Elvis died, the day JFK died and the day Alabama fired Mike Shula. This could be the longest year of our lives if they win. They are the worst winners in the history of civilization.”

— Charles Barkley, via

Barkley goes on to predict a three-point victory for the Longhorns.

The photo is from a SI collection of iconic 76ers photos. Check out the entire collection here.

Blogging the Bloggers: Tiger’s (alleged) special friend, Charles Barkley and more

SPORTSbyBROOKS has pictures of Tiger Woods’ alleged mistress.

– According to SHUTDOWN CORNER, the Steelers’ Ryan Clark would like to punch Josh McDaniels.

NFL SPIN ZONE says that the NFL’s overtime rules are a symptom of a larger problem.

YOU BEEN BLINDED has video of Charles Barkley on John Leno’s show. He talks about Skip Bayless, Jay Mariotti and politics.

GUYISM reports that the Happy Gilmore golf shot is now illegal in Canada.

– A Knicks’ fan debunks “The Ewing Theory,” coined by Bill Simmons, yet Simmons won’t print the reader’s email. Well, DEADSPIN will.

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