Good start for Julio Jones in Atlanta

We’ve been starved for football for so long that any news is exciting this time of year. Everyone is anxious for news on how rookies and other new players might fare on their new teams.

With Julio Jones, that attention is magnified given the huge bounty Atlanta paid to Cleveland for the privilege to draft Jones with the #6 pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. It was a huge gamble, but Atlanta needed to be aggressive in order to help Matt Ryan and his teammates get over the hump.

The early returns are encouraging, and those who follow the Falcons are impressed. As Jeff Schultz explains in his blog, it’s easy to make too much of performances in early preseason games, but it’s also encouraging to see a stud receiver at least look like a stud receiver when he first starts to play. Jones has passed that test. The upside is significant, so Atlanta fans should be pleased. Jones looks like the kind of player that can elevate Ryan’s game and possibly put the Falcons in contention with the other favorites in the NFC.

Now that we’ve gotten a glimpse of how he can use his significant talent in the NFL, we’ll start to see if he can be consistent as well, and whether he can perform when defenses make it a point to stop him.

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