Nuggets dismantle the Hornets, win by 58

The Nuggets matched a playoff record for win margin, beating the Hornets, 121-63, in New Orleans.

I’ll let that sink in for a moment.

The box score is amazing. The Nuggets had seven players in double-digits; the Hornets had three. The Nuggets shot 57% from the field and 50% from long range; the Hornets shot 32% and 13%, respectively. Denver outrebounded New Orleans, 41-32. The Nuggets turned the ball over 11 times; the Hornets turned it over 26 times.

In short, Denver dominated virtually every aspect of this game.

How does this happen to a team that has two All-Stars (Chris Paul and David West) and a pretty decent supporting cast? At home?

The Hornets added James Posey this offseason because they were supposed to make a run to the Finals. But things just haven’t clicked this year. One night they’ll look great and beat a contender, the next night they’ll lose at home to a bottom feeder. The Tyson Chandler on-again, off-again trade might have sent this franchise into a bit of a tailspin, and it’s not clear how long it’s going to take to straighten things out.

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