Reminder: United States vs. Canada in men’s hockey

Even though one of the most anticipated events of the 2010 Winter Olympics takes place in a few hours, I get the impression that many don’t know when it actually takes place. Olympic hockey is always entertaining, but watching the United States take on Canada in Vancouver is going to be pure bliss. Is the game going to be on NBC? Of course it’s not — they’re broadcasting the Czech Republic/Russia game instead. Whatever. The U.S./Canada game is scheduled to air live on MSNBC at 7 PM ET, so sit down with loved ones and remind yourself how great the Olympics can be.

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Jeff Pain’s helmet deserves its own medal

Canadian skeleton racer Jeff Pain definitely has the most awesome helmet at the Winter Olympics. As the beaver is Canada’s national animal, I don’t think I’ve seen a more creative and hilarious way to show one’s patriotism.

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Vonn takes bronze in super-G

Lindsey Vonn has earned the bronze medal in the women’s super-G, finishing behind Tina Maze of Slovenia and Andrea Fischbacher of Austria, respectively.


While many of the pre-race favorites struggled with a sharp right turn midway down, Vonn made it through that section without a problem. But then she lost nearly half a second on the bottom section of the course.

“Once I got past those difficult sections, I kind of backed off the gas pedal,” Vonn said. “I felt like I just didn’t ski as aggressively as I could have, and I think that’s where I lost the race.”

Johanna Schnarf of Italy finished fourth and Elisabeth Goergl of Austria fifth. Super-combined winner Maria Riesch of Germany was eighth and Swedish standout Anja Paerson was 11th.

It’s the first Alpine victory at these games for Austria, which entered the race with only Goergl’s downhill bronze. At the 2006 Turin Games, Austria won 14 medals — four of them gold.

Fischbacher was reduced to tears after placing fourth in the downhill, finishing only three-hundredths of a second behind Goergl.

This was the third of Vonn’s five events at the Winter Olympics. She previously won gold in the downhill, but fared poorly in the super-combined after crashing. Here next race is giant slalom on Wednesday.

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As luck would have it…Ludmila Privivkova

There are many things I hate about the 2010 Winter Olympics. I hate that, even though I live in the same time zone as Vancouver, I don’t have the option of seeing the marquee events live. I hate that, even though I resign myself to watching the preempted coverage, the events can go until midnight. I hate that the live coverage I do get on the USA Network, MSNBC, and CNBC is treated with little care, as commercials are thrown in willy and nilly and events are cut short by other programming. I hate that Brian Williams tells me to look away from the screen because NBC — the network that is counting on us from the West Coast to stick around — is going to show the results from events that happened earlier in the day.

The Olympics owed me one, and they came through. Because I could, I put on women’s curling on USA this morning. The United States was taking on Russia and I had no idea what was happening on my screen. Now, I expected hulks of women to fill the teams, but this was not the case. Both boasted rather attractive athletes, especially Russia. In my opinion, even though the U.S. took the match, the real winners were the men everywhere who got to witness Russia’s skip, Ludmila Privivkova, handle a stick. (Sorry.)

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Sven Kramer expects more from sideline reporters

After Dutch speedskater Sven Kramer won the gold medal in the men’s 5000 meters on Monday, an unprepared NBC reporter asked him to identify himself. This is what happened.

She never stood a chance.

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