Dre’ Bly makes pitch for dumbest play of the year

With the Falcons comfortably ahead 35-10 and driving in the third quarter of their game on Sunday against the 49ers, San Francisco cornerback Dre’ Bly intercepted Matt Ryan for what looked like a momentum-turning play.

But then Dre’ channeled his inner Deion Sanders and decided to show off in the middle of the return. What ensued was sheer embarrassment for Bly:

Couple questions for ya, Dre’:

1. Did you not think that Roddy White could catch you from behind given that you only had about a three-yard head start?

2. What compelled you to start dancing at that point with the end zone still 60 yards away?

3. Did you not know what the score was – what the hell were you celebrating about?

Well done, Dre’, well done.

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