General manager wants Revis to retire a Jet

General manager Mike Tannenbaum told ESPN radio that he expects Darrelle Revis to retire a Jet, indicating that a long-term contract could be coming for the cornerback soon.

From the New York Post:

“Our expectation is he’ll retire a Jet many years from now,” Tannenbaum told ESPN Radio.

“We have reached out to his agents and we’ll see where that process goes,” Tannenbaum said.

The Jets are saying all the right things, but until they draw up a contract and Revis signs it, then what Tannenbaum says means nothing. Things look good, but contract negotiations are always sticky, especially with the threat of a lockout coming in 2011.

That said, it appears that a long-term deal is likely to be signed before the season, which is what Revis wants. The Jets really have no choice but to pony up for him, seeing as how he has established himself as the best cover corner in the game.

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Will Darrelle Revis hold out if he doesn’t receive a new contact from Jets?

Darrelle Revis, whose contract is set to void after 2010, expects the Jets to give him a new deal before the regular season starts. They said they would, and he trusts them.

But if push comes to shove, will he hold out? While recently speaking at the Jets’ Florham Park facility in New Jersey, Revis may have provided insight to that question.

From the New York Post:

“We’ll figure it out when [the start of camp] comes.”

Revis said he “believes [the Jets] at their word.” But he quickly added, “When you go back on your word it’s a problem.”

“We have a bunch of months to get things done,” Revis said. “I trust [Jets management] . . . but I also know this is a business as well.”

Seeing as how the Jets didn’t abide by Leon Washington’s wishes for a new contract last year and then traded the running back to Seattle during the draft last month, Revis has reason to be weary that he may not get a new deal. He also plays for a team that just dumped Pro Bowl guard Alan Faneca in order to recoup some of his huge salary. (Although as many Jet fans will note, despite his Pro Bowl appearance Faneca didn’t play well last year.)

That said, Revis is the best cover corner in the NFL, and good defensive backs are hard to come by. If there were one position on the field outside of quarterback that a team would want to splurge on, it would be cornerback because good ones are such a rarity in the league. (Look at the deal the Raiders gave Nnamdi Asomugha in February of last year.)

Chances are that the Jets and Revis will come to a deal before the season starts. But if they don’t, a player’s best bargaining chip is a hold out. It sounds as if Revis wouldn’t hesitate to hold out if the Jets fall back on their word.

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