Chiefs’ first round pick Jon Baldwin injuries wrist in locker room brawl with Thomas Jones

According to a report by sports talk show host Nick Wright of 610 Kansas City, Chiefs rookie first round pick Jonathan Baldwin is likely done for the preseason after injuring his wrist/thumb in a locker-room brawl with running back Thomas Jones.

Let me state again that Nick Wright BROKE THE STORY FIRST. I’m only repeating myself because Wright has spent most of today complaining about how others are giving credit to ESPN/Adam Schefter, so I figured I would make it clear that Wright BROKE THE STORY FIRST.

Moving on…Wright tweets:

What I’m hearing on Baldwin: “he’s as advertised. Diva, spoiled, doesn’t wanna listen. Can run a Go and a Slant, and doesn’t wanna work.”

Wright also writes that head coach Todd Haley has embarrassed Baldwin a few times, “but hasn’t really gone off on him yet.” There’s some concern that the rookie could be out 6-8 weeks and is doubtful for Week 1 following his fight with Jones – this according to Wright, who cannot confirm the news but is only “passing it along.” (Did I mention that he broke the story first?)

None of this is surprising if you paid attention to the pre-draft reports on Baldwin, who was often criticized for his lack of work ethic and his immaturity. Following his junior season at PITT, he bashed quarterback Tino Sunseri and the Panthers’ coaching staff for his lack of growth as a player. (It’s always good to blame others for your shortcomings as a person.) He was also charged with disorderly conduct and harassment in 2009 after he allegedly groped a female student on a campus bus. He was eventually cleared of those charges, however.

Baldwin certainly has all the athletic ability to succeed, but his character flaws have apparently followed him to Kansas City. Thomas Jones is regarded as a good locker room guy, so the fact that Baldwin fought with him won’t endear him to his teammates. The kid hasn’t even run one route in a meaningful game yet and already it appears as though he may be headed for bustville.

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