Clausen won’t part with No. 2 jersey to appease Newton

Quarterback Cam Newton of Auburn University stands with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell after being selected as the first overall pick by the Carolina Panthers in the 2011 NFL football Draft in New York, April 28, 2011. REUTERS/Mike Segar (UNITED STATES – Tags: SPORT FOOTBALL)

Suddenly, I have more respect for Jimmy Clausen.

A couple of days ago, a news (and I use that word loosely here) story broke that first overall pick Cam Newton wants to wear No. 2 in the pros, just as he did at Auburn. The problem is that number already belongs to Clausen, who told the media on Tuesday that he wasn’t willing to give it up.

“It’s mine right now,” Clausen told the Charlotte Observer. “We’ll see what happens.”

Apparently Clausen hinted that he’s willing to give up the number if Newton was willing to pay for it. Considering Newton will receive a huge signing bonus once the lockout ends, a number of people in Clausen’s shoes would probably do the same thing.

Hey rookie, if you want the number, pony up for it.

Based on what I’ve read, it doesn’t sound like Newton demanded Clausen to give up the number like some are suggesting. He was probably asked if he wanted to wear No. 2 in the pros and he answered yes. He may have not even known that Clausen wore that number last year.

But if this does become an issue, you have to wonder if that scathing report that Pro Football Weekly’s Nolan Nawrocki wrote back in March is starting to come to fruition.

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